Hello and welcome to my site! I am Kathy Gaa,ND,LMT,CBCP,​ Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Body Code Practitioner who is focusing on Migraines, General Body Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica, Autoimmune, Acid Reflux, Sluggish Digestion, Lyme & West Nil​e disease,and help with releasing the nerves by using my “Nerve Tissue Release Technique”, acupressure, muscle balancing, reflexology, polarity balancing, oriental meridians, high-grade essential oils, and
​ Systemic Formulas professional supplement products.

By experiencing the health issues mentioned above on a personal note, and overcoming them by using the treatment methods mentioned below I am here to help you on your journey to a healthier you.


​ I also use a nerve releasing technique (Nerve Tissue Release Technique), which has been my own discovery through inspiration that may help alleviate aches and pains and the issues listed above including alleviating foot pain, that so many people suffer with and, may also be helpful in releasing illnesses such as viruses and bacterial issues due to better circulation. I find it may also allow the nerves to drain and for the tight muscles to not only relax immediately but also allowing the lymphatics to drain on a much grander scale. I find by releasing the nerves and allowing them to relax, way more effective for pain relief and much faster for promoting healing results than using reflexology or cranial sacral work.I use the Body Code system to help guide me through the healing processes coupled with healthy nutrition that supports your own body’s individual needs as well as whole food supplementation to help bring your whole body back into balance.The Systemic Formula products are the whole food supplements I used in my nutritional program to help defeat Lyme and West Nile diseases.
You can find more information about Systemic Formulas
by clicking on the links at the top of the page.The Capsules you take… are they toxic to your system?
So I did some research about Systemic Formulas capsules I found their capsules do not contain SLS (sodium laureth sulfate), Ti02 (titanium oxide), or sorbic acid
​which have all been banned by Japan.
Question you may want to ask yourself about the capsules you are taking…are they made with these toxic substances?
When taking 125 mcg of Ti02in about 2 mg per day…highly toxic. As well, each veggie cap contains about 1 mg of SLS (a known cancer causing agent). Imagine downing 20 capsules of veggie caps daily and getting 20mg of SLS internally each day!

As you read through my site you will find information about my Lyme & West Nile treatment and a bit on how I have survived Lyme and West Nile & the treatments (modalities), I found when coupled together (which includes an autoimmune acupressure treatment) that’s helped my healing process and now I use these modalities to help others who are afflicted with these debilitating diseases. Also, you will find a summary of how the Body Code System works, as well as highlights on the modalities I use.

Every treatment plan is designed to each individuals needs.



I am not here to claim any medical cures or treatments, only to be of help along your path to healing.
​ The first day of my massage course at Inter-mountain College of Natural Health now in Twin Falls, ID. my instructor informed us that his plan was to teach us how to help heal with our hands by teaching us many different treatments (modalities) as well as introductions to many others. This exceeded over and above my expectations little alone being an answer to my prayers. With just loosing my little business in the local mall due to the sale of the mall and in turn it went down hill big time where all of us independent shop owners where forced out. Long story short, that is why I decided to take the massage course, never dreaming of what may come with the leap of faith I was about to embark upon. Which I go into more detail in my book. I will keep you posted when it becomes available.

​ There are “acupressure points” I use for autoimmune that I found very effective towards winning the battle of Lyme, and West Nile. This treatment may also alleviate the fibromyalgia pain that may accompany Lyme and West Nile, as well as strengthening and stabilizing energy levels and kicking the body into a healing mode. After experiencing these treatments I began using the treatments on my clients who suffered from Lyme and/or West Nile, they too experienced the same results.

I had started noticing that many people who suffer with Lyme and West Nile experience lymphatic drainage issues as well as the organ’s drain lobes becoming sluggish which causes even more discomfort. That is when I began to devise over time a treatment plan that helps to retrain the body’s memory and ability to regain function in the lymphatic and digestions systems.

My goal in this treatment is to stabilize the energy and to retrain memory of the body’s digestive and lymphatic drainage systems. As research shows, if things are backed up that’s when a decline in a persons health takes place.

Along with treatments, to make it simple, depending again on how chronic a person may be, the more rest you can get (this means refrain from any exercising and over due stress) the better your energy will stabilize and you will heal more sufficiently, the reason I say this is due to my own experience with Lyme and West Nile the more rest I could get the better I would feel. As I have noticed when people expend their energy on resting instead of using their energy on anything else during treatments, they too, heal and regain their energy and strength at a faster and more stable rate.

​I use the Body Code System where Kinesiology is used to communicate with the subconscious mind.
I also use the Body Code System to help with developing your own individualized supplement protocol plan as well as to help create your own
individualized diet plan.

The Body Code System is where we identify and correct imbalances that can cause emotional and physical problems for people and animals. The Body has powerful abilities to heal if conditions are right and the Body Code makes it simple to find those underlying imbalances easily and quickly. It also enables me to do distant healing (through proxy) for people and animals.
For everything is Energy!

​ I am looking forward to working with you, It would be an Honor and a Blessing to help you along your path To a Healthier You!

Thank You for allowing me to share your day!


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