history of systemic formulas

Master Herbalist, A.S. “Doc” Wheelwright, a 20th Century biochemist and eclectic healer, formulated the original Systemic herbal/nutritional products after more than 50 years of research, globe-trotting, and seeking answers for humanity’s greatest health concerns. His wealth of experience and expertise in the Chinese, African, Tibetan, European, Polynesian, and Native American herbal traditions, became his foundation for a new dimension in herbal healing based on both biochemistry and bio-energy. For the natural health practitioner, his formulations soon became the new standard for natural therapeutics due to the efficiency, gentleness, and quickness of the results obtained. 

Thus, Systemic Formulas products became known as “The Ones That Work.” In 1984, Doc Wheelwright entrusted his son, Stuart, with his formulations and Systemic Formulas, Inc. of Ogden, UT was born to carry Doc’s legacy of natural healing to the millions of people in need. Systemic Formulas established the “Systemic Formulas Wellness Lifestyle” dedicated, according to CEO Stu Wheelwright, to helping people live healthy, happy, productive lives of joy and purpose. Since that time, Systemic has become recognized as being a leader of herbal/nutritional wellness dispensed only through Health Professionals. Over the past several years, these world famous formulas have continued to provide the benchmark for effective, natural therapeutics. One of the hallmarks of Systemic Formulas is that the formulas provide the practicing health professional with the ability to direct and target their therapeutic effect. This important asset is presented in the book, “New Dimensions In Herbal Healing” which delves into the revolutionary BioCommand® system that serves to hasten results and simplify practitioner’s inventory requirements. Another hallmark that is unique to Systemic Formulas is the bioenergetic, combinetic principles of each formula’s design. Doc Wheelwright taught that the true power of herbal medicine was found in the proper combinations of ingredients—including the ratios and blends, rather than solely the individual properties of a plant species. To this effect, Doc applied both biochemistry and bioenergetic (resonance) principles according to a master plan based on the bodies own tissue resonances.  This fascinating research quickly set Systemic Formulas apart, in an elite category all its own. In 2007, Stuart hired his nephew (grandson of Doc), molecular biologist and Herbalomic™ expert, Dr. Shayne Morris. Dr. Morris’ specialty and research is in the body’s epigenetic response to herbal nutrition. Thus Dr. Morris’ cutting edge research is recognized as exactly what is needed for nutritional solutions in the 21st Century.  Systemic understands that the healing challenges of the 21st Century revolve around the plight of the cell – membrane inflammation, mitochondrial free radical damage, chromosome damage, and disruption of the innate cellular processes such as nitric oxide pathways, transcription, apoptosis, detoxification, and mitochondrial biogenesis.  Thus Dr. Morris introduced the “cellular healing formulas”, a new product category, BioCell, that combine scientifically proven herbal support of epigenetic processes coupled with the nutrients that the cells desperately require for optimal health.    

 ​Thus in 2010, Dr. Morris helped Systemic Formulas usher in a new era of clinical and nutritional support of the body’s cellular healing processes, establishing Systemic Formulas as the world leader in cellular healing. Dr. Morris’ research is chronicled in a series of Research Reports available to health professionals. The BioCell Formulas are rapidly being integrated into clinician’s practices as they directly address the

 cellular processes upon which whole-body health is based. They are cited as restoring the efficacy of the Natural Health Model as they have advanced nutritional therapeutics to specifically address the deeper causes of the body’s concerns – optimal performance at the cellular level. A company of rich history and relevant innovations, Systemic Formulas is dedicated to supporting natural health clinicians in their work of helping others. Pursuant to that guiding spirit, Systemic offers cutting edge training via webcasts, seminars, and publications; professional support; and of course, the tried-and true herbal/nutritional formulas that help clinicians build their practices the best way possible—on genuine results! “I learned early in my clinical career that having a core of Systemic herbal formulas in every program ensures the most gentle, rapid, and thorough activation of the body’s own healing processes. Systemic Formulas products are in a league of their own and are absolutely essential tools for genuine healing results.” – Dr. Jack Tips (Ph.D., C.C.N. Certified Clinical Nutritionist, licensed N.Y.)​​

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