CX EXTRACTS: #2012, CXB BRAIN, Liquid extract of Brain #12. 1/2oz


Liquid extract of Brain #12. B (Brain) supplies vitamins, minerals and herbal enzymes that are essential brain nutrients. Nourishes the neuronal cellular matrix. Bio-energetically attuned to the frontal lobes. Works best when paired with Neurosyn and CVO.

Ingredients: Damiana (Leaves)L-AlanineL-Glutamic AcidL-HydroxyprolineL-ProlineMagnolia (Bark)PaprikaRNA/DNA Brain Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Pituitary Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Thalamus Tissue FactorsRutinSterilized SaccharomycesStevia (Leaves)Tayuya (Root)Vitamin B2Vitamin B3Vitamin B6



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