CX EXTRACTS: #2031, CXGa -Adrenal, 1/2oz


The great body chemistry (pH) balancing formula via the adrenal glands. Builds energy and balances pH. Through providing support for both the adrenal medulla and cortex, this formula supports the fundamental energy process,retention of minerals in serum, and supports stressed adrenal glands.

ingredients: Calcium (Pantothenate)Echinacea (Root)InositolMormon Tea (Herb)Proprietary BlendRNA/DNA Adrenal Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Pancreas Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Spleen Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Thyroid Tissue FactorsRose Hips (Herb)Selenium (Aspartate)Sete Sangrias (Herb)Vitamin B5 (Pantothenate)Vitamin CYellow Dock (Herb)Zinc Chelate



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