CX EXTRACTS: #2056, CXK-KIDNEY, Liquid extract of Kidney #56. 1/2oz


Liquid extract of Kidney #56. Comprehensive support for kidneys. This formula is the preeminent kidney support formula for integrity of the kidney tissue. K Kidney is also a great addition to a general bladder health protocol.

Ingredients: AllantoinAloe Vera (Leaves)Aloe Vera 1/200Buchu (Leaves)Calcium CarbonateCha De Bugre (Leaves)Cleavers (Herb)Epsom saltFish Liver OilGelatinHesperidinJuniper BerriesL-AlanineL-Aspartic AcidL-GlycineL-MethionineL-PhenylalanineL-SerineL-TyrosineRNA/DNA Adrenal Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Duodenal Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Kidney Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA StomachTissue FactorsRNA/DNA Thalamus Tissue FactorsRose Hips (Herb)Rose oilSete Sangrias (Herb)Sodium Copper ChlorophyllSpearmint oilVitamin E



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