CX EXTRACTS: #2060 CXL-LIVER, Liquid extract of Liver #60. 1/2oz


Liquid extract of Liver #60. This is the preeminent liver building formula that supports building & maintenance of the liver’s inter-cellular tissues. This formula provides herbal and bio-energetic nutrition for the liver including softening, and purification of the liver with some support to the gall bladder as well.

Ingredients: Beet (Rt)Blackberry (Lf)Boldo Do Chile (LfCha de Bugre (Lf)Choline BitartrateCr (4-Hydroxyisoleucinate)Fringe Tree (Hb)Iron (Chelate)Lemongrass (Hb)Magnesium (Chelate)Oregon Grape (Rt)Potassium (Chelate)RNA/ DNA Adrenal Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Liver Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Pituitary Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Thymus Tissue FactorsRose Hips (Hb)Sete Sangrias (Lf)Vitamin AVitamin CWormwood HerbYellow Dock (Hb)



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