CX EXTRACTS: #2062 CXLs – Liver S, Liquid extract of Liver S #62. 1/2oz


Liquid extract of Liver S #62. Supports the liver’s function and provides nutrient co-factors consumed in the liver’s innate detoxification processes. Ls supports a healthy liver through hepatic chelation and elimination processes, which supports detoxification and drainage including the Cytochrome P-450 processes. The liver uses catabolic processes to first detoxify itself, then its improved function automatically detoxifies the entire body better. Ls serves as the ‘yang’ half of the optimal liver health triad (digestion, elimination, liver) with the L (Liver) serving as the ‘yin’ half.

Ingredients: Beet (Rt)Blackberry (Lf)Boldo Do Chile (LfCha de Bugre (Lf)Choline BitartrateCr (4-Hydroxyisoleucinate)Fringe Tree (Hb)Iron (Chelate)Lemongrass (Hb)Magnesium (Chelate)Potassium (Chelate)RNA/ DNA Adrenal Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Liver Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Pituitary Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Thymus Tissue FactorsRose Hips (Hb)Sete Sangrias (Lf)Vitamin AVitamin CWormwood HerbYellow Dock (Hb)



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