LGUT – Leaky Gut


Clinical Dose of Quercetin, Bioferrin, Turmeric and L-Alynyl Glutamine in an herbalomic support blend. Lab studies have demonstrated the ability of Quercetin to support the intestinal mucosa by up-regulating the tight junction protein claudin and down-regulating the protein zonulin. Other studies reveal that short chain fatty acids (SCFA), flavonoids, growth factors, phytotherapeutics such as berberine and quercetin are powerful influences for healthy G.I. tract integrity. Supporting an already healthy epithelial barrier is of paramount importance and foundational to health.

60 capsules


Tags: Acetic Acid (Apple Cider Vinegar)AllantoinAloe VeraAlpha-GalactosidaseArachidonic AcidBioferrinBlack RadishCalcium butyrateCalcium CarbonateFructooligosaccharidesGenisteinGluten FreeGogi (Ft)Goldenseal (Rt)Grape Seed (Ext)L-AlanylL-GlutamineLicorice (Rt)Lion’s Mane MushroomMangosteenNuferrin LactoferrinOregon Grape (Rt)Rhubarb (Rt)RNA/DNA Duodenal Tissue FactorsSea SaltSpearmint (Lv)Turmeric


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