PRODUCT PACKAGES: #3090 Muscle & Joint Rejuvenation Package


Our “Inside-Out Outside-In” nutritional topical and oral therapy is designed to provide broad support for healthy joints and muscle soft tissue by providing high quality nutrition and botanical factors known to support cartilage, muscle, and soft tissue formation.

In addition this comes with our ground breaking Muscle Rejuvenation Cream (Outside-In). Our specialized microbiota friendly muscle/joint cream is made from all natural ingredients. A powerful combination of therapeutic oils which include penetrating activators like wintergreen, camphor, menthol and eucalyptus. Contains tissue targeted herbalomic herbs, capsicum, witch hazel, blue tansy, aloe vera and white willow. Use this microbiota friendly hot and cool formula to help manage aches, pains and other muscle and joint stress while you manage it from the inside with your daily serving from the “Inside-Out” packets.

Ingredients: Beta GlucanBetaineBoswelliaBromelainCollagen Type llCranberryEnzymeFolsteGlucosamineGrape seedHCIHours ChestnutL-PhenylalanineL-TauruneLiver RNA/DNA FactorsRNA/ DNA Heart Tissue FactorsRNA/DNARNA/DNA Heart Tissue FactorsSlippery Elm (Bark)Stevia (Leaves)Vitamin AVitamin B12Vitamin B2Vitamin B3Vitamin B6Vitamin CVitamin EZinc


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