Tuff Play


Tuff Play supports children’s healthy immune function. This product is free of additives, sugars and alcohol. Kids will love this easy to take, low dose, highly assimilable, and great tasting immune-boost.


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Tags: Acai FruitBasil HerbBoneset HerbdextroseDolemiteGluten FreeGoji FruitGoldenseal (Root)Liver RNA/DNA FactorsMango FruitMelissa leavesOil From Lomatium DissecutimPau D’Arco (Bark)Pedra Hume HerbPoke RootRed RaspberryRed Raspberry Nettle HerbRNA/ DNA Spleen Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Pancreas Tissue FactorsRNA/DNA Thymus Tissue FactorsSweet Gum HerbTrace mineralsVitamin C

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